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Ganache Bakery has a bit of everything.

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“The owners are friendly and kind. I got the cannoli, chocolate cake and a cheese puff pastry and it was delicious. Their coffee is decent too. I would totally recommend it.”

– Lina, Chicago IL

“I love this bakery! The staff is kind and helpful (even when I ask 100 questions) They have traditional items and some things I have never tried before so that was fun. I had a cake roll that was made with mango and cream and it was out of this world! I will be back for sure.”

– Lisa, Chicago IL

“Ganache Bakery is worth every cent. The owner is a self-started family man, and the desserts he brought to our community are fantastic. I recently bought 14 pies from here for my clients, and they all loved it. What a wonderful addition to our community.”

– Ethan, Chicago IL

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Delicacies to see!

What about taking a look at our menu? We are sure you will find your favorite flavors here:

Cake Donut

Pecan Topped Cake Donut

Cake donut topped with pecan crumble

Chocolate Croissant

Flaky croissant filled with chocolate and topped with chocolate drizzle

Vanilla Long John

Long raised donut with vanilla frosting

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Quality and variety

Have you ever think about what to try? Are you adventurous but want something that’s top quality? Check these ones:

Fruit Mixed Cake

Healthy For You!

Enjoy our fruit-based flavor combinations. All natural.

Gucci Cake

Special Occasion?

For those moments you want to remember and enjoy.

Chocolate Cake

Incredible Flavors.

What’s your favorite flavor ever? We have it.

Oreo Cake
Carrots galore!
Lemon Whipped Cream Cake!
Mon-Sat 7 AM-6 PM (CST)