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About Us

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Family Owned and Passion Oriented

Another part of our goal is to share what we love about bakery. The Ganache Bakery was created with what drive us in mind, passion for baking. Everyday we aim to continue sharing what we know and improving what we can do too!

Vanilla Long John
Almond Croissant
Coffee Cake With Pecans
Muffin With Lemon Bread and Poppyseeds

Quality and variety

Have you ever think about what to try? Are you adventurous but want something that’s top quality? Check these ones:

Fruit Mixed Cake

Healthy For You!

Enjoy our fruit-based flavor combinations. All natural.

Gucci Cake

Special Occasion?

For those moments you want to remember and enjoy.

Chocolate Cake

Incredible Flavors.

What’s your favorite flavor ever? We have it.

Share with us what you think!

“Chocolate ganache slice was the best thing ever, definitely worth it in every aspect.”

-Michelle K.

“I’ve been stopping in at Ganache almost every weekend since they opened. They make terrific donuts and pastries and we’ve ordered several cakes from them as well (all delicious). This has been a much-appreciated addition to the neighborhood. The coffee is pretty good too!”

– Mitchell H.

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Mon-Sat 7 AM-6 PM (CST)